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Head Start Child Development and Learning Framework
The Framework provides Head Start and other early childhood programs with a description of the developmental building blocks that are most important for a child’s school and long-term success.

What SAI Provides
Storytelling Arts, Inc. provides learning experiences for teachers and students to meet the Framework’s Domains by incorporating the oral storytelling tradition into the current curriculum.


We successfully, skillfully and artfully address these Domain Elements.


Literacy Knowledge and Skills – book appreciation and phonological awareness


Language Development – receptive language and expressive language


Approaches to Learning – cooperation, persistence & attentiveness


Creative Arts Expression – music, creative movement & dance, art, drama


Social & Emotional Development – self regulation and social relationships


Physical Development & Health – gross motor skills, fine motor skills, health knowledge & practice


Social Studies Knowledge & Skills – people & the environment


Science Knowledge & Skills – conceptual knowledge of the natural & physical world.


Mathematics Knowledge & Skills – number relationships, spatial sense, patterns, measurement & Comparison


Logic & Reasoning – reasoning and problem solving


English Language Development – receptive English language skills, expressive


English language skills, engagement in English literacy activities


With the multi-cultural aspect of storytelling, students can also come to understand and appreciate other perspectives and cultures.
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