Storytelling Beyond the Classroom

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Storytelling Beyond the Classroom

Storytelling Arts, Inc. partners with a variety of community facilities, groups, and organizations including youth shelters, detention centers, boys and girls clubs and more.


Teens at Risk

  • Workshops give teenagers the opportunity to explore creative expression
  • Participation fosters the growth of personal confidence and the appreciation of others
  • Stories can help participants understand themselves and learn to relate to others
  • Workshops allow for the exploration of viable alternatives to destructive behavior



The living art of storytelling benefits listeners of all ages and leads to:

  • Strengthening sense of community
  • Appreciating well-articulated, beautiful, colorful, playful language
  • Exploring cultural differences and similarities
  • Identifying with the emotions of story characters
  • Developing problem-solving skills


Storytelling is a Power Tool for

  • Business Professionals
  • Community Leaders
  • Parents
  • Mentors
  • Politicians


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